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Franz Ferdinand - Band Profile

Okay, Franz Ferdinand have been a little quiet of late, but there’s no denyingEd Hardy that they’re a very exciting band and a firm festival favourite.

The Scottish band was formed in 2001 and is comprised of Alex Kapranos (Vocals and guitar), Nick McCarthy (Guitar and keyboards), Bob Hardy (Bass) and Paul Thomson (Drums). The band ae named after historical figure Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination led to the start of World War One.

The band released Take Me Out in 2004, abercrombie and fitchwhich reached number three in the charts. The album Franz Ferdinand was released the same year - which the singles This Fire, Darts of Pleasure and Michael were released from. The album won the Mercury Music Prize.

Second album You Could Have it So Much Better was released in 2005 - singles released from this album included: Do You Want To, Walk Away, The Fallen and Eleanor Put Your Boots On.

The band are busy recordingabercrombie fitch  their third album which is due to be released later this year.

The band have released two albums: Franz Ferdinand (2004) and You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)

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