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Mexico probe over kidnap deaths

Police shot two ofEd Hardy  their own men and the man they were attempting to arrest shot his hostage. Juan Maya Aviles will remain off duty pending a probe.

Mexico City has one of the highested hardy clothes kidnapping rates in the world.

The authorities are in the midst of a campaign to root out corruption and increase professionalism in the police.

23.8.09 06:12


Iraqi officials held over blasts

The detentions came as officials began investigating security failings that may have allowed truck bombers into the centre of the capital.

Two truck bombs exploded minutes apart near ministry buildings on Wednesday, causing widespread destruction.

Security measures in the city have been tightened in the wake of the attacks.

Prime Minister Nouri Maliki ordered a security review after the bombings, saying they showed the need for “a re-evaluation of our plans and our security methods”.

Correspondents say the attacks raise concerns about the ability of Iraqi authorities to ensure security after taking over responsibility for protecting urban areas from US forces at the end of June.

Meanwhile, funeral processions began on Thursday as bereaved families picked up the bodies of dead relatives and carried coffins draped ed hardyin black through the streets.

The provincial council in Baghdad reportedly appealed for donations of blood, saying supplies were low because so many people had needed treatment.


At one hospital Ed Hardy shoes  a doctor said staff had been operating through the night, the BBC’s Natalia Antelava reports from Baghdad.

“I have never seen anything of the sort,” said the doctor, Tara Barki, describing gory scenes as casualties had been wheeled in.

“It was a mess, Ed Hardy it was chaos, I have never seen so many casualties before,” she said.

23.8.09 06:10

Fracture Mens Clothing

Fracture is a UK based streetwear brand that has a broad range of products on classic silhouettes combined with pattern. Fracture is a brand to be reckoned Ed Hardy


Fracture 2 Many Logos Zip Hoodie. Featuring the Too Many Logos print on a high quality, lightweight zip hood with contrasting teal detailing,  ed hardywe think this hoodie is an absolute cracker.


Fracture Drops 09 T-Shirt. 100% Cotton t-shirt straight out of the Summer 09 collection.


Fracture 3 Row Studded Belt. Ed Hardy shoes Three rows of red metal pyramid studs adorn this high quality leather belt.


16.8.09 12:28

All Saints Leather Jackets For Women

Nobody does the rock chic look better than music inspired All Saints. The new collection of womens leather jackets look fantastic with aip and buckle details.


Daria Jacket. Pre washed, garment dyed and crushed goatskin jacket . With zip and buckle styling features to collar sleeves and side seams. Studded detail to front and back, external raw edged seaming and shoulder epaulettes.ed hardy clothing


Hamptons Jacket. Slim fitting leather jacket, inspired by traditional western styling and made from goat skin which has been washed and lightly crushed. Ed HardyFeatures include zip detail at the collar, pockets and side seams, signature All Saints button fastening at the cuffs, and braided buckle detailing at the hem.


Belvedere Jacket. discount Ed HardySlim fitting leather jacket, available in black or bitter brown.


16.8.09 12:27

Franz Ferdinand - Band Profile

Okay, Franz Ferdinand have been a little quiet of late, but there’s no denyingEd Hardy that they’re a very exciting band and a firm festival favourite.

The Scottish band was formed in 2001 and is comprised of Alex Kapranos (Vocals and guitar), Nick McCarthy (Guitar and keyboards), Bob Hardy (Bass) and Paul Thomson (Drums). The band ae named after historical figure Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination led to the start of World War One.

The band released Take Me Out in 2004, abercrombie and fitchwhich reached number three in the charts. The album Franz Ferdinand was released the same year - which the singles This Fire, Darts of Pleasure and Michael were released from. The album won the Mercury Music Prize.

Second album You Could Have it So Much Better was released in 2005 - singles released from this album included: Do You Want To, Walk Away, The Fallen and Eleanor Put Your Boots On.

The band are busy recordingabercrombie fitch  their third album which is due to be released later this year.

The band have released two albums: Franz Ferdinand (2004) and You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)

15.8.09 08:10

Volcom - Mens Spring 2008

Here are the latest mens clothing from the Volcom spring 2008 collection.


Volcom Op Ya Later. The Volcom Op Ya Later hoody is made from a cotton and polyester mix with an all-over print and jersey cotton hood lining. Contemporary slim fit with a woven Stone icon patch above the left pocket. Volcom is located in Costa Mesa, California and was founded in 1991 as Stone Boardwear Inc by Richard Wooly Woolcott and Tucker T-Dawg Hall.


Volcom Naylor Leather. The Volcom Naylor leather jacket smells as good as it looks. Classic waist-length bomber styling with knit cuffs, waistband and collar lining, discount Ed Hardy with a quilted nylon print lining and a small metal Stone badge on the chest. Crafted from the finest Pig leather with lined slash pockets and Volcom asymmetric yoke seam.


Volcom Corps. The Volcom Ed Hardy shirtsCorps tee shirt looks awesome with this dissected chest print. Constructed from 180g cotton with a large main chest design and a couple of smaller hits on the back.


Volcom Pirate. The long sleeve VolcomEd Hardy Pirate tee checks in with a typically quirky print portrayal of a pirate. Made from 100% cotton with a large chest design and a small Volcom print under the left sleeve.

15.8.09 08:08

R.E.M - Accelerate - Album Review

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of indie stalwarts R.E.M. I’m not too sure why this is, whether I find them a little bit preachy or maybe a bit old for the music scene, ed hardy shopbut when Other Clothing joyfully threw this cd onto my desk and told me to review it, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

I’ve got to admit that Accelerate wasn’t that bad though. It was extremely rocky and a little less experimental than a lot of their previous stuff. My favourite tracks were the summery sounding Supernatural Superserious, the frantic ed hardy clothingI’m Gonna DJ and the ghostly sounding Sing for the Submarine.

I couldn’t pick any instant classics off this album which was a bit of a pity, but the album as a whole still worked really well. Even lager drinking, Northern, music reviewing girls can be wrong from time to time you know!

R.E.M have released a humongous 14 studio albums: Murmur (1983), Reckoning (1984), Fables of the Reconstruction (1985), Lifes Rich Pageant (1986), discount Ed Hardy Document (1987), Green (1988), Out of Time (1991), Automatic for the People (1992), Monster (1994), New Adventures in Hi-Fi (1996), Up (1998), Reveal (2001), Around the Sun (2004) and Accelerate (2008).

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